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divorceDivorce is a difficult transition in anyone’s life. If children are involved, the transition becomes even more difficult for everyone concerned. The lawyer you choose to represent you in a divorce, or any other family law matter, will make a difference to both the emotional and financial health of your family going forward.

Supporting You And Your Family In Challenging Times

I am Chad Foster, a family law attorney. I represent clients in Snohomish and King counties in legal matters, which includes:

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Child Custody Lawyer Representing Men And Women In Family Law Disputes

I care about the people I represent. My clients include both men and women facing a variety of family law matters. As part of my practice, I represent a number of men who need help resolving custody and visitation issues. I firmly believe that fathers who have played a significant role in their children’s lives should be able to continue to play a strong and active part in their children’s futures.

My clients also include a significant number of women. Some of these women are victims of domestic abuse, which I aggressively defend. Contact me if you need a protection order.

If you are experiencing domestic violence, please note: It is important to take safety precautions. Please be aware that the websites you visit are often stored in your computer’s memory. The next time you open your browser, websites you last visited may show up. If you share a computer with your abuser, he or she may be able to view the sites you have visited. The safest way to search for information on the Internet is at a local library, public school, friend’s house, or office location.

An Aggressive And Dedicated Advocate

I passionately represent my clients. I work to resolve cases as efficiently and amicably as possible, but I am an aggressive litigator who is prepared to stand up for your rights in the courtroom when necessary.

As a compassionate family law lawyer, I work closely with my clients to provide the highly personalized representation and quality client service they deserve. I take time to listen to my clients’ concerns, answer their questions and help them understand what to expect at every stage of the process. I work to stay accessible to my clients and keep them updated on any developments in their case.

Nothing is more important than family. When your legal problems involve the people you love the most, you want a lawyer who will listen to your concerns and respond promptly with results-driven representation.

dad and child
mom and child

What Our Clients Are Saying

Fernando A.
Intellectual Property

Chad did a great job! He handle my situation with ease and professionalism. I was very pleased with responsiveness and quality of work. I will be using Chad for future business dealings. -Fernando A.

Gabrielle P.
Legal Document Preparation

I contacted Chad to do divorce paperwork and was surprised at how quickly he finished! Very professional, quick, and super helpful with all my needs! I would HIGHLY recommend his services. -Gabrielle P.

Monica K.
Intellectual Property

Chad Foster was very professional, knowledgeable and extremely helpful to quickly resolve our issue. -Monica K.

Paul S.
Intellectual Property

The price of Chad's service was very reasonable and it was done in a quick and accurate fashion. I would highly recommend him. -Paul S.

Donald W.

We recently obtained the legal services of Chad Foster to assist us in seeking a conclusion to a long painful ordeal concerning our 2016 Coachmen Concord DS300 Class C Motorhome, Paul Evert's RV Country in Mt. Vernon, WA and the manufacturer Coachmen. Chad listened to us and in less than a week we had our motorhome back. We highly recommend Chad when seeking an attorney for help. He was definitely worth the phone call. -Donald W.

Annabelle S.

He is a great attorney. When my ex-husband left me and file for divorce. I was very lost. I came across on google and found him. He was quick to respond. Very patience and professional. Great value and easy to work with. I highly recommend him if you need a attorney. -Annabelle S.

Josh P.

I can't say enough good things about Chad Foster. I first contacted Chad to mediate a divorce I was going through and I felt so confident after chatting with him, that I hired him to represent me during my divorce. -Josh P.

Jillian S.
Labor and Employment

I contacted Chad in a pinch to review an employment contract, and he was excellent to work with! He was punctual, thorough, and accurate in estimating the project. He was super easy to work with and provided a great value. I would hire him again in an instant! Thank you, Chad! -Jillian S.