A Title 11 Guardianship Attorney helps you help a loved one who can no longer manage on their own. A Guardianship Attorney can help you effectively direct an individual’s assets and/or personal care where a valid power of attorney does not exist or is no longer sufficient. A Guardianship Attorney protects elderly and disabled individuals from being taken advantage of or from any mismanagement of their assets and personal affairs

If a proper Durable Power of Attorney is not in place, a Guardianship may be necessary to help a loved one who can no longer manage their finances and healthcare decisions on their own. Our office can help you effectively direct the incapacitated person’s assets and/or personal care.

There is an incapacity standard that differs from State to State, but generally is determined by the capacity, or lack their of, of the individual to make decisions for themselves.


A family member or friend can petition the court to become guardian, as long as they complete the required guardianship training and the court considers them to be qualified. After someone is appointed as guardian, they will be required to submit yearly reports. These reports detail how the guardian handled the incapacitated person’s finances, and how they have provided for the care of the incapacitated person, as well as proof of the quality of care. This court oversight ensures that the incapacitated person’s best interest are in place.

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