Relationships Outside of Marriage

When a couple chooses to live together without being married, there are still legal rights and obligations that may be attached to both individuals, depending upon the purpose, length, financial resource sharing, and how they have presented themselves to the public.

Often times, a relationship can evolve into a legal relationship with community property-like ownership of assets and responsibilities for debt; the courts call this a “committed intimate relationship” (it was formerly known as a meretricious relationship). This can be a complex area of law that is very fact dependent as to its applicability. If the court determines that the facts support a claim of a committed intimate relationship, then the financial activity and resources of the couple can be treated fundamentally the same as if the couple was married for the length of their relationship.

Our law firm can provide you guidance in this area of law to help you understand how the facts of your relationship may provide you post-relationship legal rights.

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