The phrase “website agreements” refers to a wide variety of contracts and agreements. Website agreements include privacy policies, terms of use/service agreements, website development agreements, end-user license agreements, and website maintenance agreements, among others.

Activities conducted on a website, such as intrastate sales or maintaining a web presence, may trigger federal rules or regulations. To address these regulations and risks, maintaining a web presence may require privacy policies and terms of use agreements while web-hosting projects may necessitate statements of work or end-user license agreements.

Website Development Contracts and Hosting Agreements

Once a company offers their goods or services online, it should invest in website agreements. With our experience in Internet law, we provide advice on complying with federal and state rules. We also assist with the creation of important legal agreements that may be overlooked, such as website privacy policies and terms of use agreements. These website agreements can help protect website owners and operators because they provide notice to users of permitted and prohibited use as well as disclaim some legal liabilities.

Website Contracts

Website agreements should be tailored to meet and accommodate the specific needs of a company or brand owner. We evaluate websites and conduct audits of intellectual property (IP) portfolios in order to draft legal agreements that fit our clients’ needs.