Trademark protection extends from registration to policing and enforcement. It is important that trademark owners include trademark protection programs in their trademark management plans.

A trademark is used to identify and distinguish the goods and services of one party from those of another. Companies invest significant resources to establish recognized trademarks and brands that create enduring and widespread demand for their goods and services. A company’s trademarks therefore provide tremendous value for building a strong business identity and setting it apart from the competition.

Trademark Protection

A strong brand identity is one of the most valuable assets of a business. Brand and trademark protection is critical to establish, maintain, and build on the goodwill of this asset. However, adequate protections can be challenging for large and small companies alike. Protection can require constant vigilance against any threats that negatively impact a brands and its trademarks.

Our trademark services extend from inception and registration to policing and enforcement. We tailor legal solutions to achieve trademark protection with economic efficiency. The following are some of trademark protection services we offer:

  • Trademark Searches (Use and Availability or Clearance)
  • TM Registration (State and Federal)
  • Trademark and Brand Use Guidelines
  • Maintenance
  • Competitor Tracking
  • Defensive Monitoring and Watch Services
  • Trademark Enforcement
  • Trademark Litigation
  • Oppositions and Cancellations

Trademark Prosecution & Counseling

Establishing a strong brand is vital to a company’s success and protecting that brand is equally important. One of the most effective tools for protection of a company’s brands is through trademark registration. Although registration is not necessary to create trademark rights, registration provides many additional benefits.

We provide trademark counseling on use and registration of marks. Prosecution of trademark applications includes a search and opinion with expectations on registrability success. During the application examination process, we may need to argue in response to any office actions objecting to registration. We also defend against third party oppositions against you application. However, we advice you on all options as issues arise so you can make informed decisions on how best to proceed.

We also work with an extensive network of foreign associates to procure trademark protection of our clients’ trademarks though registration around the world.

Trademark Infringement Protection

A comprehensive trademark protection strategy not only includes securing rights through registration, but also includes a well-designed enforcement program to protect against trademark infringement. We also assist in trademark infringement defense.

Whether intentional or unintentional, a company’s trademarks can be infringed upon in many ways. Having a strategy in place to identify infringement and obtain swift resolution in each instance is critical to protecting a company’s brands and trademarks. We work with clients to design and implement proactive policing and enforcement programs throughout the United States as well as internationally. Our effective strategies and hands-on approach help protect and safeguard our clients’ brands and trademarks against improper or unauthorized use.