Even after a trademark’s initial registration, the trademark holder needs to pursue continual enforcement of the mark to prevent infringement. Companies’ intellectual property portfolios are continually at risk of being co-opted for others’ purposes, and registration does not necessarily avoid infringement. Enforcement is also important to prevent loss of rights in a trademark.

Trademark Portfolio Enforcement

Trademark infringement can come in many different forms. The trademark may be subject to unauthorized use by another party for retail goods, software, or other products. The trademark could even simply be used to divert traffic from the trademark owner’s website to another website. Regardless of the use, our attorneys are equipped to monitor and police unauthorized use of clients’ IP rights and to form a tailored strategy together with the client to help prevent such infringement and protect its IP portfolio.

Trademark Policy

We help clients aggressively, yet efficiently, enforce their trademark rights and portfolios through a variety of means, which may begin with the development of a comprehensive and strategic enforcement policy. Our attorneys can draft a trademark policy, which must be adhered to by third parties and users of trademarks. Such a policy establishes guidelines of permitted and non-permitted trademark uses and can provide additional legal grounds in the case of misuse of a client’s trademarks.