A business’s trademarks and brands are among its most valuable assets. Through strategic trademark licensing arrangements, brand owners can not only increase brand awareness but also generate significant income. Our trademark attorneys help clients formulate, implement, and execute worldwide trademark and brand optimization and protection strategies. We assist trademark owners/licensors, as well as licensees, in structuring licensing arrangements to leverage their valuable trademarks and brands and secure their competitive advantage.

Our trademark attorneys work with clients to monetize their trademarks and brands. We help you enhance brand equity through well-structured trademark licensing agreements. Our experience structuring trademark license agreements, coupled with our innovation and creativity, results in deals that help our clients maximize their intellectual property rights.

Trademark Licensing Agreements

Trademark license agreements can enhance brand equity and produce revenues for a brand owner. Each licensing structure is different and the reality of trademark license agreements can be complex. A well-structured licensing agreement is necessary to maximize the value of a trademark while safeguarding against possible ramifications and risks. Whether a licensor or licensee, it is important to use an experienced attorney who understands the complexity of trademark licensing.

Our attorneys have widespread experience structuring, negotiating, and preparing trademark licensing agreements. In addition, we provide IP and business legal services across in a variety of industries, including software and electronic services, retail, food/beverage, clothing, and more. We also represent clients in other significant transactions involving trademark rights including: joint ventures, supply/distribution, franchising, and co-branding. We use our deep knowledge and understanding of trademark licensing matters, our clients, and their industries, to structure and negotiate deals that both protect our clients’ valuable intellectual property and maximize its value.

Trademark Licensing and Counseling

It is essential that a trademark owner work with a trademark attorney who can develop a license agreement that safeguards against unfair terms and balances the bargained-for exchange between the licensor and licensee. We offer trademark counseling to capitalize on the client’s trademark portfolio through effective and well-structured trademark licensing arrangements. Our trademark attorneys help clients execute a successful branding strategy, which often may include evaluation and implementation of licensing opportunities.