A successful trademark management program is critical to the success of a business and its corporate brand. We take a personal approach to trademark and brand management – we treat these valuable assets as if they were our own. We recognize that trademark and brand management and protection involve more than simply prosecuting discrete trademark applications. We work with clients to develop brand strategies and shape marketing messages that exploit existing goodwill in the marketplace and maximize the value and growth of their trademarks and brands.

Trademark and Brand Management

Our trademark attorneys understand the extent to which our clients’ brands are a personal and meaningful expression of their companies. We help clear the way for that expression by conducting due diligence for planned trademarks and by planning individualized brand strategies. We manage intellectual property in a way that allows our clients to put their best foot forward.

We work collaboratively with our clients to select, secure, protect, and enforce their brands and trademarks, while minimizing litigation risks in furtherance of their specific brand strategies. We follow an integrated approach in helping clients develop successful strategies for managing and protecting their marks, keeping in mind both short- and long-term business goals.

International Trademark Protection

In today’s global marketplace, it is difficult to predict where a company’s next trademark issue may arise, and strategic international trademark protection and brand management is as important as ever. Early and proactive trademark and brand protection is key to an effective and efficient trademark and brand management program. Our trademark attorneys are skilled at effectively and efficiently protecting our clients’ valuable trademarks, both domestically and globally.

We have the infrastructure and procedures in place to manage portfolios of virtually any size. We work closely with a network of trademark professionals throughout the world to secure trademark and brand protection for our clients wherever they do business. Given our experience with international trademark protection and brand management, we understand that trademark and brand protection can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. We stay abreast of emerging international rules and regulations and use our comprehensive experience and understanding of international trademark law practice and procedures to develop creative and effective international trademark protection and enforcement programs. Our substantial experience managing disputes both domestically and internationally further informs our decision-making in connection with global brand management and enables us to move quickly when a client needs to protect and enforce its trademarks and brands.