Technology Intellectual Property

The phrase “technology transactions” can apply to a number of transactions under intellectual property (IP) law. The phrase often applies to filing registrations of intellectual property (e.g., trademarks, patents, copyrights etc.), customer or reseller agreements, software licenses or acquisitions, outsourcing or manufacturing agreements, brand licensing, or joint ventures.

Technology Assets Protection

Like business transactions, technology transactions require clear strategies, efficient communication, effective negotiation, and transparent, enforceable agreements. If a company is looking to leverage technology or intellectual property assets, it needs to be aware that additional legal issues may arise once technology is involved. In addition to business concepts, intellectual property laws, export controls, and international business laws and regulations may apply.

Technology Risk Assessment

Once a company has decided to seek legal protection for technology or intellectual property assets, we can develop strong intellectual property and business strategies that will protect its intellectual property assets while building strong business relationships. Similarly, we can help the company meet its business and technology goals by drafting legal agreements and providing comprehensive, practical legal advice. We also provide counsel on strategic risk assessment and assist in the development of effective business and licensing models to provide technology assets protection.

Technology Agreements

When it comes to securing legal protection for intellectual property assets, we recognize that IP owners need advice when it comes to cogent negotiating, innovative solutions, understanding industry practices, and recognizing of common pitfalls. As a technology law firm, our technology lawyers can assist with drafting agreements and providing counseling for technology transactions. We provide help with technology licensing agreements, sales and distribution agreements, technology risk assessments, and agreements governing the sale or purchase of technology. Likewise, we can draft development or co-development agreements, complex software agreements, information technology system acquisitions, outsourcing agreements, company formation agreements, mergers and acquisitions, data security interests, joint venture and partnership contracts, and distribution arrangements.