Online Privacy

Online privacy has become an increasingly important concern for Internet users. Because Internet users must often submit personal information in order to secure Internet service or goods, online privacy affects even the most casual of Internet users. The phrase “online privacy” may be used to refer to a general legal concept as well as the patchwork of current Internet rules and regulations.

Implementing Online Privacy Policies

Providing online privacy to customers requires a combination of technological systems and legal policies. The first step in providing online privacy to customers comes from performing a thorough audit of the company’s procedures and practices. We can help assist in analyzing whether a company’s Internet practices meet current legal standards and regulations.

Next, we recommend having an up-to-date privacy policy on all websites. Privacy policies are basically website agreements that provide notice to consumers as to what to expect regarding a company’s collection and use of personal information. Because privacy policies provide legal notice in some regards, these privacy policies can often limit a company’s liability regarding such use of personal information as long as the company is up-front about how they intend to gather, use, manage, or even disclose a user’s data or personal information. Regardless of whether the personal information gathered is an email address or a credit card number, we can provide advice on how to draft a privacy policy for the website.

Similarly, we suggest investing in basic security measures for websites such as secure sockets layer (“SSL”) and encryption where necessary. When a website owner is unsure whether to implement these measures, we can evaluate their website and advise them. Website owners need to be aware that their mere online presence may subject them to a host of rules and regulations.

Internet Privacy Laws

We can help draft appropriate privacy policies for websites as well as provide advice on the necessary security measures. Whether a website owner is collecting simple server analytics or more personalized information from visitors to the website, privacy polices can help limit legal liability.