Thanks to the widespread accessibility of the Internet and smart devices, the general population has become increasingly familiar with the concepts of intellectual property (IP) and intellectual property law. As such, companies and brand owners should become accustomed to the utilization of intellectual property audits. An intellectual property audit can be an especially useful tool when it comes to identifying vital intellectual property assets that need increased protection from the threats of theft or misappropriation.

Intellectual Property Services

Due diligence and properly conducted intellectual property audits may uncover hidden intellectual property rights that may benefit from the additional protection afforded from federal registration or written legal contracts. Specifically, intellectual property audits may help maximize the long-term profit and return on intellectual property assets while simultaneously minimizing the risk of their loss. Moreover, intellectual property audits may provide additional value through the identification of missing company procedures that should protect trade secrets from theft by employees, independent contractors, vendors, or other contacts that companies may have.

Intellectual Property Audits/Patent Audits

Similarly, intellectual property audits may also determine whether a company has patentable technology or processes as well as whether or not a company lacks important legal agreements to protect sizeable assets.

For instance, startups often fail to put in place invaluable software agreements that could leverage important intellectual property assets. Likewise, larger companies often fail to recognize potential opportunities for brand licensing or allow their websites to have insufficient legal protection in their website policies and terms of use.

Intellectual Property Portfolio Due Diligence

We can analyze a company’s holdings and conduct the required due diligence to determine whether the company’s intellectual property portfolio needs updating. Through a combination of litigation and technology transactions, we can provide legal solutions that help a company safely monitor its intellectual property under the current legal framework.