Domain Name Registration and Transactions

Companies and brand owners have increasingly found the need to secure specific domain names relevant to their brands. Generally speaking, a domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative control, authority, or autonomy within the Internet. Domain names represent an internet protocol resource and are regulated by the procedures of the domain name system. Generally, domain names are connected to a particular website in the minds of the general public.

Domain Squatting

Because domain names are often attributed to particular marks or companies in the minds of the consuming public, brand owners and companies increasingly find it necessary to retain or acquire specific domain names related to their brands or companies. Even when domain names are spelled differently from the actual mark or brand, it has become common practice for the brand owner or company to acquire the domain name to avoid confusion or misuse by a third party.

Domain Theft Avoidance

To avoid malicious practices such as cyber squatting, typo squatting, username squatting, or online impersonation, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”) has implemented a number of practices to deter misuse. For example, ICANN currently enforces a 60-day waiting period on domain transfers. Similarly, ICANN allows for the “locking” of domains to make domain theft more difficult.

Despite this, however, domain theft remains a concern. In order to ensure that a domain is safe and properly maintained, we can generally advise on what precautions to take and how to avoid losing a domain through unsafe Internet practices. Likewise, if a company looking to secure a specific domain or transfer it to another party, we can assist in the relevant transactions and transitions.

Domain Name Renewal and Domain Name Purchase

Domain names are easily identifiable extensions of a business. Because we have extensive experience in Internet law and technology transactions, we can assist clients in acquiring or transferring domains as necessary. We similarly help businesses grow their online presence while complying with existing Internet rules and regulations.