In today’s increasingly connected world, data breaches and hacking have become highly visible concerns due to the proliferation of the Internet and electronic storage of data.

Because jurisdictions often fail to have comprehensive legal guidance or protection in place, companies and brand owners can struggle to meet the general standards of data security and data compliance for the personal information of consumers. Moreover, because legal issues surrounding data breaches and hacking are often new to courts and legal experts alike, brand owners and companies can be ill-prepared to handle the plethora of digital threats that currently exist. This, coupled with a general lack of understanding or awareness, often results in brand owners and companies severely underestimating the prevalence of data breaches and hacking today.

Data Protection and Cyber Threats

To truly understand the gravity of cyber threats, company and brand owners should first note that countries and jurisdictions have varying standards for data compliance. As such, company and brand owners must be vigilant to consistently update their data protection measures and ensure that their data protection measures and processes are up-to-date and in compliance in multiple jurisdictions. Moreover, because governments are constantly updating and amending their rules and regulations, companies benefit from routinely having a legal consultant audit their internal and external procedures.

Internet Security Laws

If a company does not employ an in-house expert on data privacy and protection, it will benefit from consultation with Internet security law consultants on a quarterly or annual basis. A company should evaluate its current business procedures when it comes to cybersecurity and data privacy. We can help determine whether measures meet current legal standards. Likewise, we can draft legal agreements and policies that will afford a company legal protection when personal information is disclosed to third parties. Without proper auditing, a company may be unwittingly granting access to internal data records or personal information gathered from its consumer base.

Data Hacking Litigation

Because data privacy and data protection have increasingly become significant concerns, we can assist with auditing and legal practices that may help limit legal liability if a breach or hack occurs.