Copyright Licensing

Copyrights take on a variety of forms, including literary works, musical works, and graphic works. Copyrights also grant the copyright holder a variety of rights, including the right to produce the work, distribute the work, or sell the work. When a copyright holder licenses those rights to someone else, they may have granted a copyright license to the user.

Copyright License Agreement

However, the copyright holder may not want to give the buyer carte blanche with the holder’s copyright. A copyright license agreement can grant the end-user certain rights to use the copyright, and it can further define the outer limits of that use. For instance, a copyright license agreement may allow end-users to back-up the copyrighted work on their computer, if the work involves software.

Intellectual Property Licensing

Intellectual property (IP) licensing can be an effective strategy in monetizing software and other copyrightable material. A copyright license attorney can draft a copyright license agreement in a way that protects the original holder’s rights, while granting the user the ability to use the copyrighted works. For example, a user may be permitted to use copyrighted software, even though the user does not own the rights in the work. Our IP licensing attorneys can draft these agreements for holders of a variety of copyrighted works.