Fast Draftware: Letters & Envelopes

Quickly drafting the skeleton of a letter and envelope information is available through the “Envelope” and “Letter” commands within the Fast Draftware ribbon. Note, that if you have your own custom letterhead, then you can create a letter template using the “Create Template” command.

You must run the Envelope and Letter commands from the Client Form.


To create an envelope, select the Envelope command seen here:

There are multiple options for setting the To address:

  • Opposing Counsel: The envelope will be addressed to the counsel information you entered into the Client Form.
  • Client: Select this when you’re sending a letter to your client.
  • Choose from Attorney List: Or, if you want to send a letter to an attorney you previously saved, then select that attorney from the drop-down list.

The Return address is automatically set using your law firm information entered via the Attorney command within Fast Draftware’s ribbon. This return address can be edited withing the Envelop window.


To create a letter, select the “Letter” command from Fast Draftware’s ribbon.

Within the “Create a Letter” window, you can set the fields of the letter, which includes the following:

  • To tab: This is who the letter is addressed to, and their address will appear towards the top of the letter.
  • From tab: This allows you to set how your law firm’s address will look at the top of the letter.
  • End Letter Closing tab: Choose how you want to sign off on your letter. Sincerely yours? Kind regards? There are many to choose form.
  • Signature tab: Will you be signing the letter digitally or with an ink pen? Select either option here, which will then set the letter’s signature block appropriately.