Fast Draftware: Form Templates

Washington State publishes many legal forms online, and duplicate information is asked for. Fast Draftware enables an attorney to open a new legal document and have the case information automatically transferred over. Have your own custom forms, above and beyond what Washington State provides? Then import them in and use them like any other template. 

Using a Client Form, select “Forms” from Fast Draftware’s ribbon:

Standard Washington State Forms

The Categories pane holds the same categories as you see on the Washington State forms site; clicking on one of these categories brings up the templates assigned to that category.

If there is a specific word within the template title you’re looking for, like “parenting” or you know the form number, consider using the search box.

If you’ve created a custom template, then import it in using the “Import Template button.” This template will then be available under the “CUSTOM TEMPLATES” category.

Upon selecting a custom template you’ve previously imported, additional buttons appear. These allow you to delete a custom template that you no longer want or edit it.