Fast Draftware: Child Support Calculator

The Child Support Calculator performs automatic calculations as you enter data, including a helpful utility to convert various pay period schedules into a monthly amount. Finally, it allows you to calculate deviations using a variety of formulas, saving and restoring versions as you experiment with different scenarios.

Select “FastCalc Child Support” from Fast Draftware’s ribbon to bring up the calculator window.

This is a powerful feature and there are many options to choose from.

First off you will want to enter financial information about the parties. You can do this step-by-step through the different tabs: Income, Deductions, Obligations, Care, etc. Blue colored fields are not editable – they are auto-calculated from the other fields.

The Washington State Child Support worksheet provides instructions for the various lines. These instructions are displayed towards the bottom of the screen.

To help you enter monthly money amounts int a particular field, a money period converter is available on the right-hand side. This is useful when the financial information is per week, overtime needs to be factored in, etc.

In order to experiment with different scenarios, you are able to save your work with select “Save Version.” This is given a default name, so if you want a more specific (friendly) name, then simply rename it. If you no longer want a version, then select it within the window and then hit “Delete Version.”

The “Other” tab allows you to experiment with a variety of deviation formulas or further explain factors you want the Court to consider. The various deviations will display their own window with the option of exporting the information into a separate attachment.

When you’re finished and ready to generate the child support worksheet, then click the “Open Worksheet” button found on the left-hand side.