Fast Draftware: Create a Template

You likely have your own custom forms that you re-use from case to case. I know you do, because I’ve seen you accidentally leave your prior client’s name within the form when you manually reused it. This can be a thing of the past. By indicating what values you want transferred over the from the Client Form, you can re-use your custom form without worry.

Start by opening your existing custom form, unless you want to create one by scratch. Then navigate to the “Create Template” menu within Word.

Select the information you want to have transferred over. For example, in your custom template do you need the full name of your client? Or, do you need address of the opposing party?

Place your cursor within the word document where you want the value placed, and then select the appropriate information block from the drop down.

A field is then inserted into your word document with placeholder text. After you have imported this form in, the appropriate values from the Client Form will be transferred over when you use this custom template.