Fast Draftware: Attorneys

When an attorney represents the other party, you can save their contact information using this command. It’s not unusual to run across the same attorney in future cases – if their information is saved, insert it into the Client Form and save yourself some typing.

First, select the “Attorneys” command from the Fast Draftware ribbon.

Within the Attorney Information window, there are multiple commands available:

  • Your Information: Edit your law firm information, which will be used in legal documents. You’re unable to change your name or bar number – these were set when you registered. If you need this information changed, please reach out to us so that we can assign you a new registration string.
  • New Attorney: Enter and then save the opposing counsel attorney information for future cases.
  • Remove Attorney: If you no longer want an attorney stored, select the attorney name and hit the remove button.
  • Insert into Client Forms: Insert the opposing attorney information, which you’ve selected from the list, into your Client Form.