Fast Draftware Introduction

Transferring the same data, repeatedly for every form, is mind numbingly tedious. How many times do you really want to re-type the same case number, petitioner/respondent names, and law firm signature?

Welcome to Fast Draftware, a Microsoft Word Add-In that automates this process. Additionally, it comes with a Child Support Calculator, which allows you to experiment with different values, including support deviations using a variety of formulas. Have additional forms not available online? Turn your personal form into a reusable custom template using the Create a Template functionality.

Best of all, it is FREE.

To get the software, simply register below. Once we verify that you’re an active member of the WSBA, we will send the download link and your registration code to the email listed on your WSBA Legal Profile.

System Requirements
  • Microsoft Windows 7/8/10
  • Microsoft Word on your Desktop (not the online version)

Register Below and Enjoy Increased Efficiency

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