Appeals of Child Custody & Support

An appeal of your superior court or administrative proceeding decision may be necessary if you are not in agreement with the outcome. An appeal is an application to a higher court for review of a lower court decision. Generally, a litigant has 30 days to request review of that decision at the Appeals Court level. The Court of Appeals will issue an opinion that will reverse, remand, or uphold the lower court decision.

Hiring an attorney who understands and is knowledgeable in the appeal process is crucial. While the lower court concentrates on fact finding when reaching a decision, the Appeals Court focuses on the proper application of the law. There is no trial in the Appellate Court; decisions are made primarily on written arguments raised in legal briefs. Because of these differences, an appeal attorney must have a firm understanding of the law, the ability to efficiently research your legal issue, and most of all, write a solid, persuasive brief to the court.

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