It is no secret that technology has become a critical part of our lives. You might save and share information online with others, but it does not take much for them to be abused by others with a grudge. It not only happens to celebrities but also to us common people. If you have found out that someone has leaked intimate photos or videos of you on the internet without your consent to annoy and harass you, it can be devastating. But, there are many tools that you can use to get control back of your life. Such revenge porn or cyber sexual harassment can be quite dangerous and serious. This can happen at any time, and frequently it happens during a divorce or legal separation. Instead of just overlooking them, you need to seek a divorce lawyer or family law attorney to help you get the content removed and seek compensation for the mental trauma.

First Steps

The first thing you need to do is preserve evidence as much as possible. You can take screenshots of the pages where the photos and videos have been published. You can also save the web pages as PDFs or print them out and keep a copy. If there are videos of you, make sure you download them and store them on a hard drive. Make copies of all the emails or text messages that you might have received from the said person. Make sure that you save all the evidence irrespective of whether you believe they are important for your case or not.


You can then use these to sue the perpetrator for damages, get a restraining order, or get the content down from the web pages. Most of the time, the victim knows who is responsible for distributing the photos and videos. You will need to prove from a third party, such as the website where the content was published. You can get the IP addresses, login, and other cyber forensic information. If you and the perpetrator live in a different state, it is best to file the case in the State where the perpetrator lives as it is much easier to take action against the offender. If you are getting threatened by the perpetrator, you can also file for a restraining order against them.

The Police and Legal Help

It often happens that the police department does not have discretion regarding such matters. Most police officers have little to no knowledge of cyberlaw, intellectual property law, and e-crimes. However, more resources are being allocated to such cases, and victims of such crime can report immediately to the local police department. Instead of handling everything on your own, it is best to find an attorney to help you. They are experts in the field and have experience dealing with such situations. They also have the necessary knowledge of the laws that would imply in your situation. They can also provide you with details about your rights and how you can save yourself from such things from happening again, moving forward.

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