Serving a jail term comes with problems of its own. If you have been served with legal papers about family issues like parenting plans, child support, custody, dependency, divorce, and other issues, you need to understand a lot about family law and how to respond to situations of that nature. If you are in prison and need an attorney for some family issues, even if it means divorcing while in prison, you must be aware of several things to participate in the whole case fully. If this isn’t done, the other party can easily get control of the whole situation, leaving you at a loss. If you want to get a divorce while in prison, here are the three most important things you have to note.

1. Understand The Complaint

The first major step to take is finding out what your partner or the other party is asking out of the case. In most cases, you might not agree with all that has been said; this is why you need an attorney in prison. This important step would make the process of divorcing while in prison, understandable. Your attorney would tell you the best way to go about it.

2. Meet The Required Deadlines

Another step to take if you want to win a divorce case while in prison is to ensure you meet all the deadlines. After being served to file your papers, you have just a couple of days to fix up. If this is not done, this scenario can result in a much larger problem later.

3. Paperwork Verification

Depending on the state, some divorce petitions are filed in the same city where you and your partner lived or where you currently stay before you were sent to prison. This is one of the major reasons why you need an attorney while in prison. Finally, when responding to family law actions while incarcerated, you could ask the jailhouse lawyer who can help you with any legal issues you might be facing with your divorce. Also, always remember to serve a copy of the divorce papers to your partner either through a certified mail or in person. To be on the safe side, you should also file a proof of service affidavit to your spouse while you await the desired response.

Divorces have many difficult aspects, which is why you need an experienced attorney on your side. Chad Foster is a trusted Washington lawyer serving Snohomish and King counties with an office in Bothell. Contact us today to discuss your legal issue.

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