Pre and During Divorce Proceedings

You are in the middle of a divorce, out on the town, and looking to post a few pictures on Facebook. Before you hit the send button, remember that in this day and age, your social media accounts are basically a data mine for employers, the government, and, most importantly, your soon to be ex-wife’s legal team.

In the weeks or months before you file for divorce, ensure you wipe your social media clean of content that may be a stumbling block to your case. Pictures, videos, status updates, and tweets should be reviewed, ideally with your attorney’s input, to ensure there is nothing that can potentially hurt you in there.

This social media’ embargo’ extends to that dicey period between filing for divorce and actually getting the marriage dissolve. Anything you post on social media, even supposedly ‘private’ posts, can be used to build a case against you. Keep your private life private for the moment. This is not the time to post disparaging comments about your spouse or for videos and photos from a boy’s night out. Have a social media blackout.

Ridding Yourself of Baggage in The Aftermath

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter are where we upload memories that we hope to stay with us forever. Pictures with loved ones, long birthday messages, meaningful posts about people, or things you care about: this is what people expect to see on your social media feeds.

Do you really need pictures of your ex-wife crowding your page?

To completely move on from a failed marriage, you must take proactive steps to clean out your online closet. All markers of the doomed relationship should be eliminated—Facebook anniversary reminders, pictures, both ones you posted and those you were tagged in, tweets, and Instagram posts: delete them all.

As you turn over a new leaf in your life, it is prudent that you begin with a clean slate—without the drama of the past popping up from time to time. Do not let the ghost of your past haunt you in the future, simply because you forgot to scroll through your old social media posts.

Imagine being on a date with a new love interest, your phone lights up, and you get a Facebook reminder of your wedding anniversary, or worse, Facebook Memories digs out an old, intimate picture with your ex-wife while your new date is scrolling through your feeds. Not only is this guaranteed to dampen both your moods, but the awkwardness also may never wear off.

Try as much as possible to make the separation as much of a clean break as possible. Reminders of a past life, a life you chose to move on from, more often than not bring only pain and misery. The path to closure includes a full wipe down of your social media profiles, leave no stone, or post unturned.


In this digital age, divorce proceedings can be complicated by antics on social media, so you will be smart to avoid any social media posts at all. When you finally get the outcome you’ve hoped for, it is time to dig deep into your online pages to rid yourself of dredges from the past.

Divorces have many difficult aspects, which is why you need an experienced attorney on your side. Chad Foster is a trusted Washington lawyer serving Snohomish and King counties with an office in Bothell. Contact us today to discuss your legal issue.

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