I recently moved into a new office and there was criteria it had to meet.

First, the office must be accessible to elderly and disabled clients…

Ideally the office would be on the first floor; otherwise, there would need to be an elevator. I eliminated one of the offices because of this. The landlord tried to convince me that I could just use the downstairs conference room for clients who have trouble with stairs; however, there were a couple of problems with this. First off, I would need to sit downstairs waiting for the client to arrive or make them call me. Additionally, the conference room was stuffed with unused furniture, and I would need to compete with other building tenants on being able to use it at a certain time-slot. This one was easy to turn down.

Second, parking must be easy…

A different office in Everett had a great location – it was right on main street. The office had its own waiting area, a private conference room, and an office. It was on my price range’s upper end, but it was still worth a visit. The biggest problem here was parking. If clients wanted to park for free, they must park on the street in an open spot. I found an open spot for my visit, but it was a long walk from the building. Parking is available next door, but you have to pay. I did not want my clients worrying about finding a parking spot before they even came to meet me – having legal issues is stressful enough. And again, this did not make the office accessible to clients.

Third, it needed to meet my price range…

I occasionally rent a conference room from another law firm in Seattle. We chatted about renting one of the offices there, but the price was higher than I desired. The housing crisis in Seattle is well known for folks living in the area, so the price was not unreasonable. However, the higher the rent is, the less money you take home to pay for other of life’s needs.

Fourth, it needed to be near potential clients…

A convenient location is always a plus when visiting a professional; regardless, of whether it is is an eye doctor, dentist, or an attorney. One of the offices I visited felt isolated and lonely. I didn’t see cows roaming the field across the building, but it would not have been out of place. The office I chose is (depending on traffic):

  • 11 minutes from Woodinville
  • 14 minutes from Lynnwod
  • 17 minutes from Kirkland
  • 19 minutes from Everett
  • 20 minutes from Redmond
  • and so on

And finally, fifth, it needed to be inviting…

A bargain basement office was listed, and it peaked my curiosity. I soon found out why it was dirt cheap. It was a very cramped room with no windows and no waiting area. It was depressing to just stand there. Instead, I wanted an office that was open and inviting and where clients had a comfortable place to wait.

Here are pictures of the office I chose:

office sign
office waiting area
office conference room 1
office conference room 2

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